3-Step DIY Marble Desk

marble desk
-After! :)-

I am SO excited to share this awesome tutorial with you guys! I have been loving the marble pattern lately, and I really have been searching for the perfect mid-century modern look without having to pay a fortune.. Just when I thought it couldn’t be done, I had the best idea come in mind! I was looking at shelf liners for my cabinets at Target, and saw there were marble-ish looking designs, and thought to myself, “This is 2017, there has got to be prettier patterns than this online”. Sure enough, I went on a searching spree on Amazon and found this incredible Black and White Marble Gloss Vinyl.

Although, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for inside my cabinets, I knew it would be perfect for sticking right on top of my desk! The roll I ordered was 6.5 feet x 15.9 inches.

It wasn’t quite wide enough to cover my parsons desk, so, I decided to measure and cut 3-4 squares to where the patterns would line up almost perfectly and fit snuggly on my work desk. Ya’ll – It couldn’t have worked any better!

I’ve outlined the steps below with a series of images. Creating a faux marble finish desk was honestly SO easy. Just measure, cut, peel off the backing, and stick! Don’t worry if you have a few air bubbles either, they will settle after a few days. You can also poke a small hole with a small needle or thumbtack and that will release any trapped air.

The product description as it’s mentioned in the Amazon listing is what really persuaded me to buy the printed vinyl:
Get the Marble Vinyl Contact Paper here
The acrylic-based adhesive backing features Air Release and Heat Fuse technologies to support the DIY’ers and the professional look of the completed quality. Never worry about bubbles or creases when wrapping!

  • Ideal for any installation at home or in the office. Easily installed on steel, hard plastic, drywall, tile, laminate, hardwood and glass
  • The durable, scratch resistant film lasts up to 10 years on any internal installation and 5-7 years outdoors.

I would 10/10 highly recommend this product, and I’m excited to order another roll to spruce up my IKEA living room coffee table!

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Desk Painted White
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
marble desk
The Finished Product!

The best part? It was only $12.99 + Free Prime Shipping!!



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