July Favorites: Beauty Products

Favorite July Products.png

Sleek Vitality Foundation | Stilla All Day Cover | Sleek Highlighting Palette | Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder

Happy Friday everyone! It’s so crazy to believe we’re already halfway through 2017!  I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July holiday and are feeling recharged and ready to take on the weekend ahead! I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on new makeup and beauty products, and I am currently swooning over all of the products listed above. I just placed an order with Ulta and I cannot wait to get my Makeup Revolution Banana Powder in the mail. If you’re familiar with this type of setting powder, you’ll know that the yellow undertones neutralize blue or dark circles under your eyes.

As a rule of thumb, think of your makeup like a color wheel:


Opposites cancel each other out!

Red, yellow, and orange will camouflage blue skin pigmentation.

Green will reduce redness.

Violet or lavender skin primers will neutralize yellow skin tones and create more depth.


Screenshot and save to help with your next trip to the makeup counter!



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