20 Interior Design Ideas for an Ultra-Glam Apartment (On a Budget)!

20 Glam Apartment Ideas for those who are looking to capture the chic-ness of Blair Waldorf’s Upper East Side apartment, while on a Target budget.


1) Velvet Throw Pillows

These are velvet pillow covers. Get a set of four for only $27 here. Make DIY pillow inserts by using the Polyfil from inside Walmart bed pillows (here). You can make four glamorous throw pillows for less than $5 each. BOOM. 



pillow form how to 3 (550x413)
Image Source: http://www.itallstartedwithpaint.com/o-pillow-form/

2) Fabulous Office Area

This 3-Step DIY marble desk was super easy to make. All you need is a basic white parsons desk, or paint any old desk white, then simply stick on the waterproof marble vinyl. Check it out here. The acrylic chair pairs perfectly with it! I got mine here.

marble desk



3) Chic Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are the perfect edition to any room of your apartment. There’s no right or wrong way to display your style. Get 7 colorful gallery wall prints for $35 here.

Gallery Wall


4) Accent Chairs that Make a Statement

The high back and body of the chair provide long lasting comfort and adds an air of class all its own. This chair with its tufted back and studded arms, brings back a sense of importance and high honor to any person sitting in it, making it the king (or QUEEN, duh) of chairs in your home. I got this champagne baby on sale for less than $250.

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 2.15.15 PM


5) Awesome Bar Stools

I’m obsessed with the functionality of these inexpensive bar stools. They are a faux white leather, so they are easily cleaned by wiping down with a damp cloth. They also adjust to any bar height, so you don’t have to worry about your guest hitting their knees on the counter, or having to reach up to eat! I got these bar stools as a set of two for only $124, making them around $62 a piece! Shop them here.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.39.28 AM

I also love these! They are on sale right now for $50 each:


Shop here.


6) Badass Bar Cart

Please do not feel the need to spend “X” amount of dollars on a high-end bar cart.. Girlfriend, save your money and spend it on high quality booze! This bar cart is absolutely perfect in size and will really make a statement in your cozy apartment, and it’s only $150. Get it here.


Also, Check out my “Which Bar Cart is Best for Me?” post for a list of all my favorite bar cart styles.


7) Faux Fur Ottomans

Ottomans, stools, lil baby chairs. Whatever you call them, they add a huge pop of glam to any room. These are the exact same ones I have in my living room, only these are a GORGEOUS chrome color. On sale for $90, regular $250 each! Shop them here.



8) A Gigantic Mirror

A full-length floor mirror is a must for any apartment. How else are you going to post a mirror selfie for the ‘gram? This one is only $215, regularly priced $650! I love stringing white lights around mine for a super ambient-feel. Shop it here.


9) Display Your Collection of SOMETHING 

If you collect mason jars, coins, wine corks, ginger jars, teacups, whatever it may be, show them babies off! I’m a sucker for ginger jars, and by showcasing them in a designated space in my apartment I can have a little bit of “me” without overpowering the entire space. Ikea Nesting Tables are ideal for this, and you get a set of two for $59. Shop them here.

IMG_6722 (1).JPG


10) Boujee Record Player

I’m a sucker for everything from the 70s and 80s, including my favorite music. I collect vinyl records and have about 50 original-pressed LPs. If you want to get in on the record game, I suggest purchasing a starter record-player like a Victrola that comes with HQ speakers. It also has an optional bluetooth function so you can still listen to your favorite Spotify playlists. This is the exact same model I have, and it’s currently on sale for $85. Shop it here.


11) Modern Sofa

This sofa has enough room for myself AND Bubba, which is one of the many reasons why I love it! It also has an incredible mid-century modern feel to it and is currently on sale for less than $400! Get it here.


12) TV Series-Inspired Tapestry 

Linking my Gossip Girl inspired Prada tapestry here. There are all different sizes available, I went with the medium size.


13) Pretty Kitchenware

So the pink Kitchenaid mixer may not be in your budget this year, however these super cute brass measuring cups and spoons add a touch of glam to any kitchen! Shop them both here for less than $12.

IMG_6726 (1).JPG

14) Well-Organized Makeup Storage

Use clear plastic containers to store your makeup and hair products and keep everything all in its place! Get yours here.

IMG_6731 (2).JPG

15) Plants, all the Plants

Plants can get expensive if you’re not one with a green thumb.. Fake plants can get expensive if you don’t have a green bank account! This fiddle leaf tree adds a little touch of the outdoors in a modern, glamorous way, and it’s less than $80. Get it here.


16) Perfectly Display Your Jewelry 

When in doubt, look for antlers. Learn how to make this boho-glam DIY Jewelry holder here.


17) Statement Lighting

If you can’t afford a large crystal chandelier hanging in every room of your apartment (yet) start small with chic lamps that coordinate with your end tables. I got these at Ross on sale for less than $50 each. I’ve linked similar ones here.

IMG_6728 (2).JPG

18) Glamorous Area Rugs

I am obsessed with the textile pattern of this gray and white rug. Linking a similar one here.


19) Faux Fur Throws

This is my favorite throw!! I ordered one in this pretty mauve color, and another in white. I’m using the white one as a makeshift area rug! Both under $40. Linking them here.



20) Decorative and Great-Smelling Candles

Lastly, your glamorous abode cannot be complete without smelling like the aroma of Kilwin’s Chocolate Shop. Stock up on great smelling (affordable) candles here.




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