Set of 7 DIY Gallery Wall Prints for $35!

I've had a lot of inquires recently about how to create your own gallery wall. Being a graphic designer, I started my own Etsy shop a few years ago. I wanted to create a resource for other DIYers wanting to have high quality artwork hanging in their home for a fraction of the price. Each print listed below is only $5.00 for an 8"x10" download. Purchase + Print + Frame + Hang.

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Get Your Sh** Together Day (GYST) Day

Get to work and realize you have lint all over your pants, mismatched socks, and a wrinkled top? Driving home, do you pick up a 20 piece McDonalds chicken nug combo because you forgot to go grocery shopping and don’t “feel” like cooking dinner now, JUST to realize your gas light is on and you forgot to stop by the bank to deposit your check. You, my friend, are the perfect candidate for a Get Your Sh** Together day (GYST Day).

Free: “Home is Wherever I’m With You” Print 11″x14″

Hello loves! Happy Thursday 🙂 It's so crazy to believe that it's already the end of September. I've been doing so much traveling lately (for work and fun) and time just seems to be zipping by! No matter where I am I always feel like I'm at "home" whenever I'm with the people I care about. Enjoy this free 11"x14" digital download that you can have printed at your local shop on a large canvas as a reminder of where "home" is for you.

How to Make Time for Everything You Want to Do

If you’re like me and have 1000 items on your to-do list and never seem to cross them all off, I may be able to shed some insight! To download my FREE Ideal Week Planner click here. Essentially, it is only a guideline, it's not perfect. In the end, it's up to you to manage your time and make it work. To download my FREE Ideal Week Planner click here. Feel free to make as many copies as you like, and share with a friend! ❤