7 Security Devices for the Independent Woman Living or Traveling Alone

My grandmother tells me every Sunday: "It's a crazy world out there, everyone just needs a little more Jesus". I definitely agree with Grandma Rufty on that, and although we can't change the actions of others, we can take added precautions on how we keep ourselves and others safe. If you're the 20-something year old… Continue reading 7 Security Devices for the Independent Woman Living or Traveling Alone

ZAFUL Gift Guide: 6 Products She’ll Love Under $25

A complete (and inexpensive) Christmas and holiday gift guide for her! If your girl is a makeup guru, fashionista, or one of the boys, she will appreciate the variety of products ZAFUL has to offer. Like I said before, be sure to read ALL sizing info carefully on the ZAFUL site. Tip: some of their products are European which tends to run a bit smaller. If you're still not 100% sure, ask one of her (reliable) friends.

Get Your Sh** Together Day (GYST) Day

Get to work and realize you have lint all over your pants, mismatched socks, and a wrinkled top? Driving home, do you pick up a 20 piece McDonalds chicken nug combo because you forgot to go grocery shopping and don’t “feel” like cooking dinner now, JUST to realize your gas light is on and you forgot to stop by the bank to deposit your check. You, my friend, are the perfect candidate for a Get Your Sh** Together day (GYST Day).